Majlis Perasmian Koperasi DinarDirham Berhad (KODINAR)

Kejayaan demi kejayaan di kecapi oleh DinarDirham. Today is the day we make history again. The first ever cooperative in Malaysia that using Blockchain technology in their platform is already here!

Koperasi Dinar Dirham Berhad memeterai MoU bersama Koperasi Dinar Indonesia untuk penggunaan Dinar Coin dalam urusan Umrah 2017 di Indonesia dengan disaksikan Ybhg Dato’ Pengerusi Eksekutif Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia. Dengan termeterainya MoU antara 2 koperasi di 2 negara ini, dijangkakan 25,000 Dinar Coin akan mula digunakan dalam transaksi umrah di indonesia sebagai permulaan tahun 2017.

Semoga usaha kecil dari Malaysia ini yg disambut oleh Indonesia akan jadi peneraju dalam perjuangan memartabatkan kembali matawang Dinar di seluruh dunia nanti.

Terima kasih kepada sahabat seperjuangan kita Pak Andi Sapran atas inisiatif hebat bersama ini.


Koperasi DinarDirham Berhad (KODINAR) was launched today by our own Executive Chairman of Malaysian Cooperative Societies Commission (SKM). Thank you for all the supports that been given by all parties from the first day the company started their legacy until we can see now its involved to a huge empire.

Well first and foremost, i would like to congratulate to both of the co founders of this technology itself Mr Arai Bin Ezzra and Mrs Yanie Laling Al-Banjari. Without their dedicated efforts to build up this great innovation it wont become a reality today. And of course, thanks to the supports given from KODINAR, Mohd Razaimie Abd Rahim and Dato Amart Power that believes in this technology that gonna bring a huge impact and changes to the real market soon.

Last but not least to all the teams and members of DinarDirham. This not gonna be happened if there is no supports given from you guys. Take this journey as our own victory and reward to our self. Let success be our noise.

At first people will ask why you’re doing this, later they’ll ask how you did it. So just believe in yourself and keep moving forward. In sha Allah kita akan berjaya!!! Aminn.

Your Gold, Our Technology.
The Future Is Now!

Kita Terbang Sama Sama
Kita Menang Sama Sama
Ketika Kita memang Kita Bangga
Ketika Kita Kalah Kita SETIA!

Your Gold, Our Technology!

The Future Is Now!

Persidangan Antarabangsa BlockChain: Money di Kota London

Inovasi FinTech DinarDirham hari ini dibentangkan di persidangan Antarabangsa BlockChain: Money di Kota London.

Kami dijemput kerana kami adalah pemenang anugerah inovasi FinTech Antarabangsa dari timur. The Tiger of SEA kata mereka..subhanallah.
Teruja jugak mat salleh dgn inovasi hebat dari timur ni rupanya.

Teringat 3 minggu lepas di jemput kerajaan Dubai, Kerajaan pertama di dunia menggunakan sistem paling telus dan berintegriti BlockChain yg juga berminat dengan Inovasi Dinar berteknologi kami ini. Hasilnya kami akan membuka pejabat urusan DD di Dubai



Minggu lepas semasa menerima anugerah antarabangsa FinTech di China, halangan berbahasa tidak menjejaskan mendapatkan minat usahawan China hanya dengan demo membayar minuman teh cina menggunakan DinarCoin kami.

Minggu depan kami akan mengujakan dunia di persidangan antarabangsa di Singapura.

DinarDirham Special Announcement

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all DinarDirham supporters and believers.

We have around 43 days left to 2017. In 2016, DinarDirham through its innovative products, has received many awards and recognitions from countries around the globe especially in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. This achievement is a result of the strong commitment from the DinarDirham team as well as from all of the partners and providers who are continuously developing the technology in our products. DinarDirham has received a great amount of positive feedback from customers in Asia who have started ordering and purchasing our DNC and 24K physical gold from our partners since early 2016. Here today, we would like to make an announcement on a number of significant issues regarding DinarDirham as well as a number of updates and the latest information about our products.

DinarDirham in Brunei

Recent news has reported that four of DinarDirham IBs (Introducing Brokers) of one of our products in the Brunei market have been arrested in Brunei for investigation purposes. They have been arrested for selling DNC in Brunei without the appropriate license. However, all of them have now been released without charges, while the investigation process is still ongoing. DinarDirham is taking this matter very seriously and our lawyers from Malaysia and Brunei are currently working on this issue to present and provide more information to the Brunei authorities about DinarDirham activities. We are doing all we can to provide necessary information to the Brunei authorities in order to assist their investigation. For the public’s information, there are official invoices to prove all trades and transactions done by these IBs as well as proof of ownership from their appointed IB representative. There is nobody in any country, including Brunei, that has reported being scammed.

For your information, DNC is a digital asset used and produced from a new technology called Blockchain. It’s a digital asset which until now has yet to be recognized as legal tender by any government in any country, just like Bitcoin and ether. However, some advanced countries like Singapore and Switzerland have already taken bold and innovative decisions to regulate and foster innovations in Blockchain technologies. Companies which have come out with new innovations, like Uber, are often called “disruptors”, for which misunderstanding and misinterpretations are common.

Confidence and understanding of our technology has enabled DNC to receive huge market recognition. We at DinarDirham believe that the best way for users to own gold is in digital form. Through our technology, people will now be able to use DNC to make payments and make purchases by using the DinarDirham VISA debit card, another new product that will be launched soon. Besides that, they can also redeem their DNC in the form of physical gold, which is certified in Malaysia.

Our products and technology belongs to a new field called, FinTech. Some countries have already started making new laws for FinTech and have recently launched Sandbox programs and some guidelines. FinTech, especially Blockchain and digital currency have not yet been regulated in most countries because it’s still very new. Therefore, DinarDirham is always ready to cooperate with any agency in any country who’s interested to gain further knowledge about these “disruptive products” that we’ve produced. We would love to let everyone know and realize that our products are not meant to compete with the conventional financial system, but instead it will be able to solve and widen the use of digital gold, which until today there is no organization that has been able to do it effectively. DinarDirham will continue producing innovative products and educating people on this new technology called Blockchain. We believe that one day this innovation will be accepted and used to solve daily economic problems. We have a vast amount of great testimonials from thousands of DNC purchasers in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai, China, and India.

ETPS Misunderstanding

ETPS was created and is managed by Golden Serenity Limited, a registered company in Seychelles. There are a lot of misunderstandings regarding the cooperation between Golden Serenity Limited and DinarDirham. DinarDirham is registered in Hong Kong under the company name Gold Prime Technology Ltd. Gold Prime Technology Ltd is a technology and software provider for Golden Serenity Limited and that is the only link between these two companies since the 12th of December 2015. Both of these companies have agreed to a signed agreement, the terms and conditions are as follows:

1)  Golden Serenity Limited is allowed to use the price feed of GOLD_1DINAR (DinarCoin) for their ETPS Program.

2)  Golden Serenity Limited is allowed to fully manage the pre-order process of DNC.

3) Golden Serenity Limited is not allowed to use DinarDirham’s brand name on marketing materials as operators for ETPS. DinarDirham can only be announced as a technology and solutions provider.

4)  Golden Serenity Limited needs to report the total amount of DNC pre-orders received on a monthly basis to Gold Prime Technology Ltd.

5)  Gold Prime Technology Ltd will not be held responsible on the management and operations of ETPS’ Program by Golden Serenity Limited.

Below is the link to the agreement signed by both parties:

Universal Bitcoin Wallet (UBW)

UBW will be launched in BETA on the 25th of November 2016 at 8.00pm (Hong Kong time zone). While waiting for the UBW to be launched in BETA, everyone can start registering now to obtain their own BTC and ETH address as well as DNC tokens. However, transactions are not allowed until UBW BETA is launched. After launching, it will be running for 30 days to allow all members to do transactions and testing. All feedback and errors encountered in this version can be reported by email to The BETA version of UBW is able to receive and transfer Bitcoin as well as ether, just like the other crypto wallets in the market. The difference is that DinarDirham’s wallet also uses DNC which allows its users to store crypto in the form of gold, because DNC is minted based on the current gold price. After UBW is launched, we will be able to provide 24 hour service for 24K gold trading in the form of DNC or Gold Smart Contracts (GSC). Every DNC and GSC can be redeemed 1:1 to 24K physical gold at our Gold Liquidity Provider (GLP) by paying an amount of premium storage.

Please use this link to go to the UBW wallet:

Please download the PDF below to know more about the UBW wallet:

DinarCoin (DNC)

DNC is a product by DinarDirham which is 100% backed by gold. It uses MT4 platform technology for real-time hedging to the registered and regulated financial institutions. Every DNC circulated in the market is recorded publicly and decentralized using Ethereum Blockchain. By using public blockchain like Ethereum, it is impossible for anyone to manipulate the DNC, this includes DinarDirham. In DNC minting, there will be a number of processes which involve different parties to do verification in real-time and automatically on the technology provided by DinarDirham.

On the 28th of October 2016, DinarDirham was awarded as the “Most Innovative Gold Fintech Provider” in Shenzhen, China, among 38 other award receivers. This award is given by the organizer of the 10th China Forex Expo, which is the biggest forex expo held in China and has been attended by many experts and financial institutions such as DukaScopy Bank, i-Gold, UK Clearing House, and UEM Berhad including 5,000 traders and investors from all over the world.

Below is the link to the presentation slides for the China Forex Expo 2016:

Besides that, DinarDirham has also recently been given the opportunity to give a presentation at the event in London called Blockchain: Money on the 6th of November 2016. It was a huge event, intended to introduce blockchain technology and the future of Bitcoin, and was attended by many experts and financial institutions such as Dubai Future Foundation (Dubai Government),, Smart Dubai, Synechron, and HSBC Bank.

The CTO of DinarDirham, Arai Ezzra (FB: Arai bin Ezzra) did a presentation on “Understanding Southeast Asia Market”, which afterwords, has attracted a number of companies in London to cooperate with DinarDirham in marketing our products in their markets. DinarDirham has also had some discussions with potential companies in London which have their own blockchain products to start entering the Southeast Asia market and cooperating with DinarDirham in 2017.

Below is the link to the presentation slides for the London event:

DinarDirham has received many awards and recognitions from global experts and conventional banks around the world for our achievements in FinTech by combining Blockchain and gold assets as well as conventional gold paper contracts offered by licensed financial institutions who act as Liquidity Providers for our DNC. DNC allows users to store gold with security and confidence.

Recently, the Singapore Fintech Festival, which is the biggest event for Fintech in Asia, was held on the 16th of November 2016. The festival was attended by around 11,000 participants from more than 50 countries. DinarDirham was given a great opportunity to be at the event to showcase our products by setting up a booth. There was also a 45 minute presentation by the CTO of DinarDirham during the “open mic theatre” session.

Here is his presentation slides titled “DinarDirham: Blockchain Solutions for Gold”:

For the time being, DNC by DinarDirham is still in BETA version for 30 days. All transactions can be referred in the third party blockchain explorer through Ethereum here: 
(currently under development)

DinarDirham Physical Gold

DinarDirham has produced a collection of physical gold using our own brand. We cooperate with a number of gold providers which include Triple 9 and Harimau Mint from Malaysia, and Metals Bullion Ltd from Dubai. Our physical gold is of 24K quality and fineness of 999.9 and is certified by an accredited assayer. We encourage our members to keep them as digital assets backed by gold, which hold the exact same characteristics as gold such as anti-inflation, and can be used to make purchases online.

For more information on our physical gold collection, please refer to our brochure below:

Vault Locations

Gold Prime Technology Ltd has built partnerships with a number of Gold Liquidity Providers (GLP) to handle the purchases and buybacks process of dinar and physical gold. The trading of DinarDirham’s physical gold by GLP is according to the current gold price as shown in: .

All of our physical gold at the GLP are of 24K quality and fineness of 999.9 and are certified by an accredited assayer. Other brands at the GLP that can be traded are only for those which are LBMA certified.

Please refer below for the purchase/buyback/and redemption processes:

1) DinarDirham Hong Kong Gold Boutique:

Address: Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel: +85258081478



– Purchase/buyback DNC & GSC.

– Purchase/buyback BTC & ETH

– Buyback 24k physical gold (any brand)

2) DinarDirham Singapore Gold Boutique:

Address: Singapore Gallery

Tel: +6566323502



– Purchase/buyback DNC & GSC.

– Purchase/buyback BTC & ETH

– Buyback 24k physical gold (any brand)

3) Kuala Lumpur Gold Gallery DinarDirham Koperasi Berhad

Address: Prima Sri Gombak, Selangor

Tel: +60361780034



– Purchase/buyback/redeem DNC & GSC.

– Purchase/buyback BTC & ETH

– Purchase/buyback LBMA certified physical gold bar.

– Buyback 24k physical gold (any brand)

4) DinarDirham Thailand Bangkok Gold Gallery

Address: Kai Tuk Building, Popula Rd

Tel: +66880224789



– Purchase/buyback DNC & GSC.

– Purchase/buyback BTC & ETH

– Buyback 24k physical gold (any brand)

DinarDirham Communication Channels

DinarDirham has its own communication channels to allow all members to get the latest information and updates. All members are recommended to participate in giving their testimonies and to be involved in the forums provided. Below are some of the communication channels that can be used:

1) WeChat:     DinarDirhamcom

2) Telegram:

3) Twitter:       DinarDirham

4) Facebook:  DinarDirham

5) Slack:

6) Blog: 

DinarDirham has also provided some references for the public. Please download and read through the links below:

1) DinarDirham Whitepaper:

2) DinarDirham Technology:

3) Company Profile:

18th of November 2016

DinarDirham Management Team and Partners.

– Innovation Creates Future –

Blockchain: Money Conference – London England

Part of the elongated hall at the Blockchain: Money Conference in London, England. Photo courtesy of

Part of the elongated hall at the Blockchain: Money Conference in London, England.
Photo courtesy of


On November 6th-7th of 2016, the Blockchain: Money Conference was held in London, England, just outside of the Bishop’s Gate. Among the participants of the conference were Cryptoverse, Bitcoin, Airbitz, Genesis,, Augur, Bitfury, Circle, and DinarDirham, to name a few. DinarDirham was pleased to have a booth at this event, as well as to present their innovative products on stage, alongside these companies.

Here’s a short briefing of the two day event, and some of those highlights worth noting.


CTO of DinarDirham, Arai Ezzra, presenting onstage at the Blockchain: Money Conference in London, England

CTO of DinarDirham, Arai Ezzra, presenting onstage at the Blockchain: Money Conference in London, England


Edan Yago was one of the main highlights of the event. He made the astounding claim that most future transactions will be machine-to-machine. He also asserted that the large financial institutions are not preparing for this future trend. Mr. Yago, CEO of Epiphyte then proceeded to demonstrate an incredible feat – a nearly ‘free’ international money transfer. Now, nearly free be not free at all, but with the cost of international bank transfers, it’s close enough.

Many other voices were present at the conference, including Brian Hoffman from OpenBazaar, who spoke out against the criminal use of OpenBazaar. He is noted as saying that decentralized government is difficult and rarely managed well.

Jeremy Gardner was next in line, talking about Augur: the decentralized prediction market (based off of a complex reputation system). During his talk, he also discussed Augur’s development of software and their legality. Gardner also expressed the need for a stable coin for their prediction market, because when people bet on the far future, volatility (often plaguing non-backed digital currencies) isn’t a desired factor… he might want to talk with DinarDirham about that.


The longest talk came from the CEO of Genesis Mining, Marco Streng. He reminisced about Bitcoin’s growth over such a short time period. He also talked about Bitcoin mining and operations.

Other topics throughout the two days included themes such as Economic Freedom, Security Issues, and Circle presenting their way to make money work the way the internet does – Free, Instant, and Global


Among many at the conference, was the growing concern that the size of blocks for Bitcoin needs to increase, and do it soon. However, Valery Vavilov, CEO of Bitfury had this to say:

“We can’t do it fast. Core developers have tremendous experience, they are doing a great job, and there are thousands of developers creating the Bitcoin core code. It’s not fast but it’s the only way to stay secure, and yes it should grow, but we should think in the longer perspective. I don’t see it as necessary today. Rather, we must first find the most effective solution”.

Among the security issues that were discussed, John McAffee, renowned security specialist, warned users against the use of bitcoin mobile wallet apps, as phones can present an opportunity for a security breach through screenshare hacks, and let everyone know they should use hardware wallets which have their own screens instead, as they are much more secure. He also expressed a potential security threat with the Internet of Things… essentially billions of internet enabled machines (with poor security measures) could be harnessed by malware to mine for bitcoins, outperforming any mining firm, and opening the potential for nefarious and illegal activities.

Another security issue discussed the mistaken idea that “code is law”, as in regards to Smart Contracts. The conclusion was that this simply is not the case… for the time being, and that anything deemed to be bad programming would still need to be taken to a court of law with humans in charge.


DinarDirham CEO Stelian Balta and CTO Arai Ezzra poses with Cahndler Guo, one of the largest miners in the world at Blockchain: Money Conference, London

DinarDirham CEO Stelian Balta and CTO Arai Ezzra poses with Cahndler Guo, one of the largest miners in the world at Blockchain: Money Conference, London


One of the biggest highlights for everyone at the conference was a young man who sat outside the entrance of the conference with a “PLEASE HIRE ME” sign, named Christopher Zaniewski. A bitcoin enthusiast and learning programmer, his socialness retrieved him several business cards and a free pass to the second day of the event – way to go Christopher!


When all was said and done, there was a lot of focus on Bitcoin’s monetary nature, but it was mixed with so many other presentations, ideas, and concerns, that the focus wasn’t entirely clear for everyone, though certainly worth attending. Although it was hard to pinpoint the exact goal(s) of the conference this year, one thing is for sure, everyone wanted to know the future of Bitcoin. All we can say at this point, is that it appears that Bitcoin will continue steadily moving forward in growth.

DinarDirham & The 4th China Forex Expo 2016

Expos are a great way to make one’s presence, services, and products known to a particular audience. And the China Forex Expo is no different. Last month, the China Forex Expo in Schenzen celebrated it’s 4th gathering. A two day event from October 28th – October 29th. The Expo has long been gathering the best in the Fintech industry, and participation is a great honour. It’s no surprise then, that DinarDirham participated in this year’s expo.

We were honored to be a bronze sponsor at the event, and to have our booth number B01 among the other participants. Stelian Balta, CEO DinarDirham and Arai Ezzra, CTO DinarDirham shared a 20 minute slide presentation regarding our product and how it works. We were also awarded at the event as the “Most Innovative Gold Fintech Provider” of 2016 – it was 1 of 38 other awards nominated at the event. But the fun didn’t stop there, we also received a special highlight and cover up with Malaysia media. Participation in the event also provided a great networking opportunity for us to get connected with other players in the industry.



CTO and CEO Arai Ezzra and Stelian Balta receiving DinarDirham’s Award at the China Forex Expo 2016



Some of the award winners of the day posing for pictures.

We’re expecting large growth with the combination of our innovative technology and the exposure we receive from events such as this. But our most important growth factor, of course, is all of our users. A huge thank you to everyone who’s decided to try our product and share it with the world. You make this possible.

If you haven’t hopped onboard yet, now’s the right time, join our innovative technology, and start enjoying the benefits of storing and using digital gold and trading cryptocurrencies.



Arai Ezzra and Stelian Balta giving DinarDirham Wallet Presentation


You can see all the speakers and sponsors we shared the stage with by visiting the event page:


 DinarDirham’s Booth – China Forex Expo 2016

DinarDirham’s Booth – China Forex Expo 2016